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because a good night changes everything.

Jess is The Good Night Sleep Consultant. She stands with two of her children. All dressed in white, Jess holds her daughter's hand and holds her toddler on her hip.

because a good night changes everything.

Jess Thomas, mum of 3 and founder of The Good Night Sleep Consultant, transforms lives by helping families get their little ones sleeping well. Combining an in-depth understanding of infant sleep with a Mummy’s heart, Jess uses gentle and effective methods to transform your little one’s sleep. With her highly supportive model and commitment to tailoring each plan to the individual child, Jess is with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve the results you long for.

Say goodbye to broken sleep, short naps & bedtime battles as we work together to achieve your sleep goals

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Establish healthy sleep patterns from Day 1. Packed full of simple, clear, evidence-backed wisdom.

Helpful resources to answer some of your big sleep questions.


Gentle, Supportive, Results-driven

A sleep consultant will assess your baby’s current day and night-time routines, identify any existing problems and work with you to provide solutions.

At The Good Night Sleep Consultant we will support you the whole way as you implement any changes needed to achieve great sleep for baby and you.

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the good night story

We all know the importance of sleep… and yet baby sleep feels like such a mystery to most of us. The information out there around baby sleep is limited at best, and confusing and contradictory at worst. As parents, we’re left to try and figure out sleep on our own. And that’s why I decided to become a sleep consultant. 
Side profile of Jess holding newborn baby boy.